As seen on HoneywedAlyce & MitchGraciosa, Byron Bay

Held in early august, in the beautiful Byron Bay Alyce & Mitch had the most amazing wedding they could have imagined. It was the perfect setting for their dream wedding. The ceremony took place under the magnificent bamboo arch at “Graciosa” in the Hinterland. Perched on the hill, overlooking the expansive green fields towards Bangalow, in addition this made for the most stunning backdrop to compliment their special day.

Originally a dairy farm before it’s current life as a family home its’ more than 100 year history this place reeks of unique character. “Graciosa’s” evolution has brought it to the present incarnation as a luxurious yet charmingly rustic venue, versatile enough to suit anyone’s taste.

With only 6 months up their sleeves to plan their wedding, I recall many conversations, back and fourth with Alyce in an attempt to lock in dates to meet. Furthermore with the help of Byron Bay Weddings it all fell into place effortlessly. I loved their attention to detail piecing everything together was clearly evident in the overall, personalised styling, the ease and flow of the day, right down to the selection and presentation of food.

Alyce and Mitch reflecting on the day, remarked that they could not have done it without their help.

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Wedding Planner & Stylist:
Byron Bay Weddings

Poppy And Fern

Gown Designer:
Made With Love

Radiance Hair

Alexis Mahony Spicy Melons

Byron Bay Cake Boutique

Jacquie Patterson

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